All members wishing to play in a club competition must abide by the current Covid-19 registration and scoring procedures outlined below:

 Book a tee reservation time on club V1 as for casual play.

Follow the established Covid-19 control measures

  1. Book a Tee off time (after 8.00am ) to suit yourself to play as a casual player (along with playing partners).
  2. Attend club at your registered time to play in competition along with your playing partners.
  3. SIGN ON for the competition BEFORE playing, on CLUBHOUSE COMPUTER. One player from group sign all group on.  (Failure to sign on before play is disqualification).
  4. PAY for all players before play. (Failure to do so is disqualification)
  5. Play competition with 1 person scoring on 1 card for all players. Card to show, all full names , tee off time , date, competition name, handicaps. Only scorer to sign card.
  6. On completion of competition the scorer submits all scores on the clubhouse computer and deposits score card in box in the computer room. (if no access to clubhouse leave cards in box on outside wall, email comp. Secretary)
  7. Sanitise computer screen and associated areas.


  1. Flags must stay in hole and all puts must be holed.
  2. Local Rule: In bunkers only, ball may be placed within 6 inches (150mm) of original place, no nearer the hole. Sand cannot be touched other than when placing ball.
  3. Remaining rules of golf apply

Results will be posted at earliest 3 full days following competition due to sanitation measures. which maintains details of  players handicaps along with results and scores of qualifying competitions which will resume at St Bees Golf Club. 

Members of St Bees Golf Club can register with England Golf to access and view your individual handicap information by visiting the YourEnglandGolf page  and log on using your email and password. If you have not already registered you can do so at the same page, there is no cost for registering.

Your CDH (Central Database of Handicaps) card is your proof of your handicap. Whether you are playing at an open competition at a course local to you, or even if you are travelling across the country to play fantastic courses further afield. Your CDH card is your link to your handicap record.

  • You can download your CDH card for FREE by becoming a member of England Golf
  • Your CDH card allows competition organisers to view your up to date Official CONGU handicap
  • Your CDH card is official proof of your handicap
  • Your CDH card can be used at away clubs all over England to prove your handicap
  • Your CDH card is personalised to you with your name and unique CDH number

How to get a Handicap

For those joining:

  • Current handicap (Active) – supplied to the Handicap Secretary . This will be uploaded to the How Did I Do computer system so that the golfers can play in all applicable competitions.
  • No Handicap – To obtain a Handicap, golfers must hand in 3 * 18 Hole Scorecards or 6 * 9 Hole Scorecards or a mixture of both, having played with someone who already has a handicap. For a scorecard to qualify for Handicap purposes, the player MUST note on their scorecard which tees were played from (Men/Junior Men = White or Yellow & Ladies/Junior Ladies = Red). If you do not know anyone who has a handicap please contact any committee member directly or email and we will help to arrange this for you. These scores should be forwarded to the Handicap Secretary – who will then formally issue a handicap allowing the individual to play in competitions.
  • Currently to retain an active handicap, you must enter three competitions in a twelve-month period although the WHS World Handicap system is being introduced in November this year if anything changes, we will be updated this guidance and advise all members accordingly.

If you have any queries/questions please do not hesitate to CONTACT us.