Latest Course Information

(07 Dec 21) 

The course is now OPEN. However, players are reminded that the back half of the 6th green has been closed off, due to essential maintenance work, and it is expected to remain GUR for at least a week (GUR defined by roped off area). We need foot traffic on this part of the green to be kept to an absolute minimum. Should a ball stop inside the roped off area please reach in with a club to avoid foot traffic if possible. If your ball stops behind, or to the side of the roped off area, then players are asked not to chip or putt over the GUR but should instead, lift the ball without penalty and place the ball at nearest point of relief, no nearer the hole, to either the front right or front left of the roped off area. It may mean, in some instances, that the ball will have to be placed in the semi-rough or dropped in the rough. Playing over or through the roped off area is not allowed.

If people fail to follow this procedure resulting in foot traffic on the roped off area, then unfortunately the course will have to be closed.