Fixtures for April 2021

Club Competitions dates for April below:

17th April 2021 – Eric Barker Memorial (Strokeplay)

18th April 2021 – Peter Rothery Trophy (Stableford)

19th April 2021 – Drones (Strokeplay)

21st April 2021 – 2nd Weekly Medal

24th April 2021 – Spring Cup (Strokeplay)

25th April 2021 – Jackson Trophy (Stableford)

Please pre book your tee times and observe Covid protocols during play and when signing into the competition and entering scores on the computer.

Competitions will continue to play from Yellow/Red tees until further notice. Preferred Lies are not in play with the exception of bunkers, option to lift and place the ball within 6 inches (15 Cms) no nearer hole. Sand cannot be touched other than to place ball.

Entrance fee of £3 per player to be paid before play, using envelopes (with each players names written on the outside of the envelope) and deposit box in computer room.

Please ensure that 1 person in your playing group signs all players into the competition before teeing off and records the PLAYING handicap to be used (For competitions this is 95% of your course handicap)Scores to be recorded by 1 person in the group on a single card and entered on the computer (PSI) or using the Howdidido App. Players competing later in the day can leave cards in the box outside the clubhouse front door.